August 17th: The following is the first in a series of reports from our journey around the world.

August 17, 2010 OSLO, Norway
We started out to Logan Airport on our Boston hotel shuttle bus. I guess we were discussing the trip in our usual loud voices. As we arrived at the airport, an airline pilot walked past us and casually asked, “How long will you folks be traveling?” Mark replied “Four months” and he declared “GOOD LUCK!!!” The whole bus exploded in laughter, especially us.
Leaving in the morning brought us to London in the late evening. We stayed with an Alta ski friend, Walker in the lovely Notting Hill section of London. A wonderful day was spent with our cousins David and Hilary Reinhardt and their delightful 2½ year old daughter Abby-a real charmer.
Next morning back on the plane to Oslo where it was cool, cloudy with a few evening rain drops. We are ever optimistic about future weather. Stay tuned.

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